Rome Accommodations

When I went to Rome in 2003, the group I was with stayed at the Albani Hotel. It's a moderate sized hotel a little out of the way to the north of the city center.

The place does seem to cater to English-speaking tourists. One night when our group was returning, several of us decided to try out our Italian to ask for our room keys. (In Italy you leave your room key, usually weighed down with some dangley thing, at the desk until you return.) After about the third mangled attempt, the clerk exclaimed, "Speak English!"

As you can see the lobby is quite stylish and low. There was a bar area up a few stairs to the left.

The cubby holes for the room keys make a semi-circle behind the desk.

The place had two spiral stair cases, both of which were made of marble. This one also led down to a dining room where breakfast was served in the mornings.

Style continues on upstairs to the rooms. Here the doors are flush with the walls. It makes you think they will open outwards, but they open inwards.

The rooms were nice although the color scheme was not to my taste. These beds are sort of low.

I did appreciate that the shower had a shower curtain.
Last updated August 28, 2005.