Eastern Forum

The Arch of Constantine as seen from the Colosseum.

This detail of the Arch of Constantine shows two angels over the center arch as well as the dedicatory inscription.

This is a detail of the inside of the Arch of Titus, which celebrates Rome's triumph over Judea. The scene depicts a procession with the menorah from the Temple of Herod in Jerusalem. The event marks the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora.

These walls remain from the Basilica of Constantine and Maxentius or the New Basilica. This is where the clossal statue of Constantine, now in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, once stood.

This is a closer look at the basilica. The current structure comprises only about a third of the orginal. A similar portion would have been joined here with a center section with higher arches. The base of one of these arches can be seen at the top of the wall.

A fragment of the circular Temple of Vesta stands before the Palatine Hill.


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