Giordano Bruno was a heretic. This statue marks the spot where he was burned at the stake in the middle of the Campo de' Fiori.

Trajan's Column stands at one end of the forum he built. It now supports a statue of St. Peter.

The Column of Marcus Aurelius imitates Trajan's but has more distinct carvings.

Caius Cestius built this pyramid tomb in 12 B.C. to give his name immortality. He succeeded; otherwise nothing else is known about him. The structure was eventually incorporated into the walls of the city.

The round mound in the lower left is the tomb of Ceasar Augustus and was obviously the inspiration for Hadrian. San Rocco stands in the background.

Victor Emmanual II reigned as King when Italy reunified in modern times and got memorialized by this edifice. Unfortunately it is twice the size of any of its surrounding buildings and uses a different kind of marble. Romans have derisive names for it like "typewriter" and "wedding cake" for it.
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