Rome overlooking the Forum

Ah, Rome, the Eternal City. She's three cities in one: the Ancient City, the Renaissance/Baroque City, and the Modern City. It all gets thrown together in one magnificent wonder. There seem to be few strait streets in the main part of town: instead a passageway curves around to open up to a piazza. There you might find a imposing church or a ancient colonade of Corinthian columns, but watch out for the motor bikes and tiny "smart" cars.

I arrived in Italy on September 21, 2002 and left on the 30th. I have a friend from Texas who is now working at Vatican Radio. He has an apartment off of Piazza della Radio, which he offered for me to stay. Most of the time was spent in Rome, but we took one day and went to Florence.

The Italians are amazing. Since the Romans walk most places, they are all fit. No one seems to be in a hurry to do anything. Somehow the country continues to operate. Whatever they do do, they do with style.
Last updated August 28, 2005.