The Sensational Music Club Mystery

Monica Taybrook Gaulton is dead on the floor of a Sunday school room at the First Presbyterian Church.

This results in two problems. First how did she come to drink cyanide from a whiskey flask, and who would want to cause her death? Secondly who is going to be Mistress of Ceremonies at the Music Club's annual fashion show that is supposed to be starting just as Monica's body is found?

Fortunately Borderville has its very own Harriet Bushrow to come and solve both problems. Accompanied by the song, "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody," she takes over the luncheon show. She also takes over the investigation and rattles out some skeletons from the Gaulton closet.

"Exhibiting informal detection at its finest....Readers pining for a good, old-fashioned mystery will find a splendid one here." --Publishers Weekly

"Harriet is delightful as she patiently rousts the skeletons from the Gaulton closets."--Kirkus Reviews

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