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The High Point of the Mountains
A1 May 30,1998


At the time of his death, Dr. Graham Landrum left a half-completed manuscript. It would have been the fifth book in Dr. Landrum's "Borderville" or "club" series of mystery stories.

Now Robert Landrum, Dr. Landrum's son, has finished the work, and the book, entitled The Garden Club Mystery, is due out in bookstores across the land. "People had so enjoyed the other novels that it seemed a shame to just leave this one as it was", says the the younger Landrum.

"The books are set in the South and in the Appalachian Mountains specifically," continues the co-author, "but we have found the stories reach out to many people's homes. We will get a letter - from Michigan say - claiming we must have know that particular reader's aunt. I guess the stories are really about small-town America."

New Plot Includes Familiar Sleuths

Harriet Bushrow reappears as a main detective force as she has in the all the novels. Bob Kelsey is also involved like he was in the previous book.

The other books in the series are The Famous DAR Murder Mystery, The Rotary Club Murder Mystery, The Sensational Music Club Mystery, and The Historical Society Murder Mystery.

The Garden Club Mystery should be available in bookstores everywhere.


In a related story St. Martin's Press, publisher of the Borderville Mysteries, was not demolished by the giant mutant Asian lizard named Godzilla.

Confusion on this issue derives from the fact that the Flatiron Building, home to the New York book house, was apparently annihilated in the recently released blockbuster featuring the monster. However, only models were destroyed for the film.

It should be noted that some scenes were shot in front of the famous structure.

The Flatiron Building is also significant for being the first edifice to rely on a metal skeleton for support instead of curtain walls.

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